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Conference 2020


IPEN 2020 Wellbeing in Education - OCT 27-29


IPEN is excited to announce our 2020 virtual conference on Wellbeing in Education. Join us from your school, university, office or home and enjoy two days of keynotes, practical workshops, panel discussions and Ignite power talks.


Our 2-day programme is packed with the biggest names in positive psychology, education, and wellbeing, and perhaps best of all, if you register now, you can watch the entire conference at no cost!


The conference is part of the Tecmilenio’s 5-day global conference that focuses on Positive People, Positive Organisations, Positive Education, Thriving Cities and Positive Families.

IPEN’s two incredibly compelling days feature an absolutely stellar line up, a true Who’s Who of Wellbeing in Education. There may not be another Wellbeing in Education conference on this scale again, we are expecting an audience of over 40,000 people from 140+ countries across the globe.

Register now for your place at IPEN’s Global Wellbeing in Education Conference in partnership with the Tecmilenio University Institute for Wellbeing and Happiness.


Nothing matters more than education. Inspire children to live a compassionate, healthy and creative life, and those young people will go on and change the world. This conference matters more than words can say.

- Sir Anthony Seldon, IPEN founder and Vice-Chancellor of The University of Buckingham

Message from IPEN Global Chair Simon Murray

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Message from IPEN Global Chair Simon Murray

Much Gratitude to our Sponsors

WHO should attend?

This conference is truly for anyone interested in wellbeing education/positive education. In building the program we considered our audience to be teachers, school leaders, parents, academics and consultants in the education space. We believe that together, through positive education we have the power to change the way young people experience and view the world to create a more thoughtful, united, and flourishing 21st century.


WHEN and HOW can I attend?

October 27 to 29, 2020. The schedule will be run separately across 3 time zones to ensure a global audience will be able to access all content.

The conference will commence at 9 am in each of the following time zones.

October 27 - 28, 2020 : Central Time Zone (Universal Time Coordinated (UTC) -5) - North and South America

October 28 - 29, 2020 : Australian Eastern Time Zone (UTC +11) - Australia, New Zealand, South East Asia, China

October 28 - 29, 2020 : Central European Time Zone (UTC +1) - UK, Europe, Middle East, Africa, Pakistan, India


WHO will be presenting?

The conference will include keynote speeches, shorter Ignite (‘Ted’ style) talks, masterclasses, showcases, and panels featuring the world’s most influential researchers, educators, and practitioners in the field of positive education and wellbeing.




Keynote Speakers

A 30-minute presentation delivered by top experts in the field.

Tal Ben-Shahar - Q & A with Rosalinda Ballesteros

Ilona BoniwellBuilding resilience in difficult times: Lessons from the new normal

Angela Duckworth - How and Why to Develop Character

Dóra Guðrún GuðmundsdóttirWellbeing for all - leaving no one behind

Kristján KristjánssonFlourishing and Positive Education: A Synthesis and Some Remaining Problems

Steve Leventhal - A Call to Action: Positive Education for Vulnerable Youth in Low and Lower-Middle Income Countries in the time of COVID-19

Kaiping Peng and Yukun Zhao – Positive Online Education: What can technology do for positive education?

John RateyExercise and COVID-Time to boost your immunity and well-being

Tyler VanderWeeleHuman Flourishing and Education

Lea Waters - Searching for student wellbeing: A data-derived, meta-framework to guide the practice of positive education


Ignite Speakers

A 15-minute presentation with impact and practical application.

Alejandro AdlerEducation, Well-being, and the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals

Rosalinda BallesterosPurpose driven university, incorporating an Ecosystem of Wellbeing in a whole system

Anne JohnstoneThe Case for Positive Education

Abdulla Al KaramMore than a School

Megan McDonough and Henrique Bueno - Living Into What You Want Others to Learn

Caroline Adams MillerTeaching the Basics of Goal Setting in Wellbeing Education

Elke PaulTime to scale up Positive Education: greater scope, better access, higher impact

Gilda ScarfeThe importance of building Mental Toughness in Education

Sir Anthony SeldonWhy Covid and AI make wellbeing in schools more vital than ever


A 30-minute workshop on one aspect of implementing Positive Education into your establishment, or practical Positive Education interventions.

  • Crisis or Catalyst? Examining COVID-19’s Implications for Positive Education with Matthew White

  • Leadership: what’s love got to do with it? with Katy Granville-Champan & Emmie Bidston

  • How to involve play in your teaching as a lever to unlocking academic superpowers in your class with Louise Tidmand

  • Future Possibilities for Wellbeing in Education: Emerging Trends and Transformations with David Bott

  • Cultivating Connection through Chaos with Peggy Kern

  • Implementation of whole school wellbeing education in the Chinese population with Sylvia Kwok

  • Promoting wellbeing in schools through the Happy Classrooms Programme with Ricardo Arguís Rey

  • Taking a Whole-School Approach to Wellbeing: Lessons learned from a decade of science and practice with Lucy Hone & Denise Quinlan

Panel Discussion

A panel of experts offering opinion and debating specific aspects of Positive Education


Simon Murray (IPEN Global Chair) sits down with Martin Seligman for a 30-minute question and answer session.

Showcases Schools

A schools, college or university will showcase their journey to implementing Pos Ed., including achievements, failures, challenges, learnings and results.



Reserve your spot on the Tecmilenio University’s conference page.


Wholebeing Institute will be hosting a post conference
Community Conversations

Connecting to consolidate learning, share best practices, and gain wisdom from one another. 
In-person events are energizing and exhausting. Energizing because of the interesting conversations. Exhausting because you come home with piles of new ideas along with a crammed schedule from when you were gone. With IPEN’s conference online this year, we get a chance to revamp the experience—taking the best of what works and adding a new twist. That’s why you’re invited to the Community Conversations on November 11, 2020.
Here’s how it works. Enroll and attend the IPEN conference on October 27-29, 2020. 
Participate in the event; learn from the speakers and visit the booths. Take lots of notes, gather all the information in the booths. Take the week after the event to organize and assimilate. What stands out? What are you excited about? If you were to give someone one key learning that you gained, what would it be?
Then, on November 11, bring your notes (along with a cup of tea or coffee) and join a Community Conversation! Facilitated by Wholebeing Institute, this is a chance to chat with others to consolidate learning, share best practices, and gain wisdom from one another. 
Register for the Community Conversation now. 

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