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Showcase Schools Conference 2020


Cranleigh Abu Dhabi, UAE

Nursery- Year 13. British Curriculum. Private School.

Cranleigh’s journey of wellbeing is a new one, but one we are truly proud of. We believe at Cranleigh that ultimate flourishing doesn’t just come from looking after one’s self which is an important part, but also including the impact you have on others and the world around you. Cranleigh’s wellbeing journey focuses on the Head, Heart and Hand representing Mental Health (Head), Environment (Heart) and Charity (Hand) this intertwined with academics is powerful!

Michael Wilson .jpg

Michael Wilson, Principal

Michael Wilson has been part of the Cranleigh family for over two decades and was one of the founding members in the creation of Cranleigh Abu Dhabi. Michael Wilson has experience in a range of educational including state, private and international settings.

Natassja Williams.jpg

Natassja Williams, Deputy Head Wellbeing

Natassja Williams has been part of Cranleigh Abu Dhabi since its doors opened in 2014. Natassja has experience in contrasting settings of state, independent and international school settings.

>Presentation: Head, Heart and Hand: The Cranleigh Journey and Beyond.

Cranleigh is about community and within this is outreach and sharing best practice when it comes to offering the best educational experience for our learners ensuring it is holistic and involving them in every part of the journey. We want to reach out to other schools to gain insight, share best practice and offer partnerships in ensuring children have the opportunity to grow, develop and learn holistically. The journey of wellbeing isn’t one sided it has a multitude of layers that is influenced by so many factors. Our journey is a story that we are proud of and one we want to share to spread the message that wellbeing is needed within every educational setting and shouldn’t be seen separate to academics.  

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