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Showcase Schools Conference 2020

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Ajial Bilingual School, Kuwait

K-12, Bilingual American Curriculum

Ajial being a more traditional yet American curriculum believed strongly on a balanced approach of high academic achievements and student advocacy. Student support department consists of Counsellors and Discipline officers. I offered the Middle & High school a more customised model of positive education incorporated with Student leadership program. The staff and students were offered professional developments on Topics such as Positive Emotions, Engagements, Relationships, Agreements, Student accomplishments and Well-being.

The leadership has been extremely supportive as believes that a school curriculum that incorporates well-being and positive education will ideally prevent depression, increased life satisfaction, encourage social responsibility, foster learning and creativity eventually enhancing the academic achievements.

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Faiza Mubeen, Pastoral Care Administrator/Guidance Counsellor middle high school

Faiza Mubeen is an experienced pastoral care administrator, guidance counselor, communication consultant, deputy child protection officer with a demonstrated history of working in the education management industry, corporate sector, coaching, and training.

She is also skilled in social-emotional up-building, academic counseling, grief counseling, building a positive culture, Intercultural communication, coaching, team building, & management. She is a Certified Positive Discipline Educator and Certified Social Worker/Counselor.

>Presentation: Integrating Positive Education & Well-being in Middle & High school

The presentation is showcasing my journey at Ajial Bilingual school implementing and integrating positive education and wellbeing model in the middle & high school. It will highlight areas of strengths & weakness, its adaptation and transitioning into the overall school culture.

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