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Showcase Schools Conference 2020


Since 2013 our staff have embarked on a positive education journey accessing a range of professional development opportunities to equip staff with the knowledge and skills of Positive Psychology to support their own wellbeing thus also creating a ripple effect of impact within the classroom.

One of our Educational imperatives is to instil a growth mindset, characterised by self-efficacy, student agency and autonomous learning principles.

Our explicit programs, Applied Positive Psychology and Connect focus on developing a sense of belonging, resilience, gratitude, empathy, mindfulness and are aimed at enhancing student self-efficacy for students to reach their full potential.

Incorporation of positive psychology principles into our vision, educational imperatives, policies and procedures, pedagogical and wellbeing frameworks has created a common language across the school.

The Gap State High School, Australia

Independent Public School 7-12

Carolyn Speers is a Deputy Principal at The Gap State High School, where she has worked since 2009. Carolyn has worked as a Senior Schooling Head of Department, and as a Home Economics and Hospitality, VET teacher in both State and Independent Schools both in Queensland and New South Wales since 1993. 

She is passionate about the role of Positive Psychology in Education and supporting students to develop their strengths, how to harness these to find a greater sense of engagement and flow, so as to optimise their learning experiences both within and beyond the classroom. She is the chair of PESA QLD (Positive Education Schools Association).


>Presentation: Learners who Flourish

The Gap SHS Positive Education story and how we revisited all aspects of our school to align to our belief of Learners who flourish. With the support of her team, she will share the successes (and challenges), some strategies and current work in regard to our Connect program and student pulse data to support student self-efficacy.


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Carolyn Speers, Deputy Principal

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