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Showcase Schools Conference 2020

Dubai College, UAE


Mixed private secondary school 11-18 years old (year 7-13 / grades 6-12)

Dubai College has recently implemented a whole school wellbeing programme, delivering training to students, staff and parents. In 2019-20 we started our own positive psychology intervention (PPI) programme for students in years 9-13 and measured its influence through the year. These are twenty-five minute interventions with impactful results.

Mark Samways.jpg

Mark Samways, Head of positive education (year 7-10)

Mark Samways is head of positive education at Dubai College and a school counsellor working with students’ mental health difficulties. He has a masters in addiction psychology and counselling and is finishing a masters of applied positive psychology and coaching at the University of East London. 

>Presentation: Implementing an impactful wellbeing programme with limited time

The demands on the education system are forever growing. Wellbeing is at the forefront of all of our minds but finding the time to dedicate to it isn’t easy. Discover our journey and how we are gradually putting wellbeing into the core of the school. 

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