Showcase Schools Conference 2020

Greymouth High School and Te Tai o Poutini RTLB, New Zealand/Aotearoa

Co-educational State Secondary School Years 9-15

Wellbeing is part of Greymouth High’s strategic and annual plan to address a community-wide wellbeing focus.  Time and resourcing was prioritised to bring about a significant shift in practice and culture.  As a learning support service, RTLB supported getting the vision into reality and action at the classroom level.

Lara Thompson, Classroom teacher, Hauora Lead, Māwhera Kāhui Ako Within School Teacher

Jo Newton, Resource Teacher: Learning and Behaviour, Practice Leader, Greymouth High School Board of Trustees Parent Representative

Lara is a leader in innovative teaching around wellbeing and positive behaviour for learning, bringing a secondary background, specialising in Health and Physical Education; Jo is a specialist teacher (learning and behaviour) bringing a primary teaching/leadership background, a science degree and secondary teaching experience.

>Presentation: Effective Collaboration & Change Leadership: Greymouth High School's Hauora Journey

Ours is a story of effective collaboration between Greymouth High and RTLB that enabled transformative change with students at the centre.   The ‘How’ will be unpacked including:  schoolwide hauora  systems and practices, supporting pedagogies, the 2019 Hauora Hour pilot, the 2020 Mentoring Programme and some key change leadership frameworks.


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