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Showcase Schools Conference 2020


Mount Barker High School, Australia

Comprehensive Government Secondary School Year 8 to Year 12

The school has developed a whole of school approach to implementing Positive Education into all learning areas. It has developed a training approach to implementing Positive Education approaches within schools in South Australia. The school has also developed a bespoke Positive Education program targeting areas for improvement throughout the school.

Symonds, Warren.jpg

Warren Symonds, Principal

Warren Symonds is the Principal of Mount Barker High School, and schools Positive Psychology approach has supported over 3500 students throughout the Adelaide Hills. In 2020, he received the Commonwealth Bank Teaching Fellow Award. Warren is a director on the Positive Education Schools Association (PESA) national board and a member of the University of Adelaide School of Education Advisory Board.

>Presentation: ‘The Ripple Effect’: How positive education has transformed a school and become part of its DNA.

This presentation will highlight an eight-year journey of how a school has implemented a whole-school approach to teaching Positive Education using measurement, curriculum innovation, coaching and training. There will be references to where to next and how the school has supported the community in a COVID-19 world.

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