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Showcase Schools Conference 2020

The Affiliated High School of Luofushan National College, China

Junior High Campus

Luofushan National College is located in the national scenic area of Guangdong province, and built near the mountain. The school enjoys the water, allowing students to comprehend the beauty of Chinese culture in the artistic conception of ink painting and enjoy the purest air and water.

All services for students, the school has the highest quality of teaching areas, sports areas, comprehensive section, living area with the dining room, library, badminton, high-end intelligent monitoring system and other supporting facilities, the analects of Confucius plaza, yi jing square, let the Chinese radical, the daodejing square "fix" And a team of teachers with students reading, here, in which students learn to enjoy it.

This is a school designed by Professor Zeng Shiqiang, who is a master of Chinese traditional culture. It is a school that explores "national standards, foundation of Chinese culture and international vision" as defined by Mr. Zeng Shiqiang. Which implements Mr. Zeng Shiqiang's idea of "Chinese style education". Children can get all-round development here.                

Liu Yuanyuan, from Guangdong, China, has 21 years of experience in primary and secondary education, and has been committed to the research of "ecological education", exploring the problems of personalized education and the effective combination of family education and school education.

>Presentation: Lessons Learned: NKU's Wellbeing Journey

We will discuss chinese family culture and family systems in schools, family life styles, parents' activities and the significance of historiographers.


Yuanyuan Liu, Headmaster

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