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Showcase Schools Conference 2020


The Shipley School, USA

Independent PK-12, co-educational

Shipley is the pioneer positive education PK-12 school in the US, patterned after the GGS model. While our SEL work with students began 25 years ago, our commitment to a whole-school approach began after attending the IPEN 2016 festival. The science of flourishing/optimal human functioning is taught throughout the community.

Dr. Sharron Russell has been involved in social and emotional learning since 1995. An integral part of bringing Positive Education to the Shipley School, Dr. Russell now oversees both Student Support and Positive Education. She has presented at multiple conferences and serves as an adjunct faculty member at PCOM.

Shipley Head Shot.jpg

Nick Holton, Associate Director Positive Education

Dr. Nick Holton, Shipley’s Associate Director of Pos Ed, focuses primarily on adult flourishing. He has trained groups as well as written pieces and given keynote speeches on human flourishing around the U.S., Europe, India, and Mexico and has worked with the NBA, NCAA programs, businesses, and other schools.

>Presentation: Educational Excellence at Shipley – A Commitment to the Pillars of Flourishing

The who, what, why, and how of Positive Education at Shipley will be followed by an explanation of our work in integrating positive education; diversity, equity, and inclusion; and environmental sustainability. We hope to serve as a model for other schools who want to flourish and to change the world.

Sharron Russell.jpg

Sharron Russell, Director of Positive Education

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