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Showcase Schools Conference 2020


Shaftesbury High School, England

Special Educational Needs Secondary School 11-19 years of age

The academically researched Deeper Learning, Deeper Living curriculum and Enlightened Leadership model is built around the concept of mastering one’s self through collectively giving back to local and global communities. It’s having a profound impact on empowering students, creating entrepreneurs to address the 5.7% employment rate for adults with additional needs.

Matt Silver is a Head Teacher and a Doctorate Research Fellow at UCL Institute of Education. He has researched and applied positive psychology, in particular, self-determination theory and emotional intelligence for over a decade. He lectures internationally on leadership and SEND and is an executive coach with Complete.


>Presentation: Collaborative development through Integral Wellbeing: Creating a supernova of innovation through learners and leaders as one.

The session looks to share the school’s ‘Integral Wellbeing’ approach- recognising all stakeholders must be in a positive state to enhance development. It will cover the school’s implicit and explicit wellbeing approach and how it is collaborating with Complete use cutting edge technology in developing and mapping the emotional state.



Matt Silver, Head Teacher

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