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Showcase Schools Conference 2020


K-12 Educational System

The physical, mental, emotional, and social wellbeing of every person at a New Nordic School partner school is of paramount importance. These themes are an integrated part of the educational system and the school staff is trained to look after the holistic wellbeing of each child, themselves, and the school community.

New Nordic School, Finland

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Laura Luomanen-Jaakkola, Director of Professional Development

Laura Luomanen-Jaakkola is a Finnish teacher, trainer and an experienced school coach with a passion for supporting schools in their journey of holistic wellbeing.

Juha Repo, Director of Curriculum

Juha Repo: An internationally experienced educator, consultant and clinical supervisor. His areas of expertise include school management, organizational dynamics and curriculum development.

>Presentation: Key wellbeing takeaways from Finland’s Schools

In this presentation we discuss the systemic nature of wellbeing at different levels. Finland is known for its education system and scoring high in student wellbeing. How is wellbeing approached in Finnish schools and in New Nordic School? What is the role of teacher education and curriculum in wellbeing schools?

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