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Showcase Schools Conference 2020

Gimnasio Moderno, located in Bogota, is a private, bilingual, liberal, and humanist-inspired school. Its purpose is to educate children and young people in a comprehensive way for a leadership in the service of society, to promote critical thinking, individual liberties, ethical values, love for Colombia and social and environmental awareness, as well as a commitment to the challenges of the world. Its educational model is based on the Active School, on the fundamental role of its teachers, on the Discipline of Trust and on the statement "To educate, not only instruct".


We are pioneers in Colombia in the implementation of Positive Education. We have two principles: first, we seek to transform teacher´s consciousness so they can “walk the talk”. And also, we have a curricular systemic approach, not a class, that aims to transform the culture and educate all the members of the community with the principles and practices of Positive Education. Our model works with 8 factors: 1-self-knowledge and character development, 2-positive emotions, 3-positive relationships, 4-goals and dreams, 5-sense and meaning, 6-physical wellbeing, 7-mindfulness  and meditation, and 8-resilience. 


Gimnasio Moderno School, Colombia 

Private PreK-12

Juan Hoyos teaches meditation, positive psychology, eastern philosophy and emotional intelligence. They are all his passions. He's worried about depression, anxiety, loneliness and the impact of social media in our teenagers. Positive Education has a great deal to contribute regarding these concerns. 


>Presentation: The Positive Education Model of Gimnasio Moderno School of Colombia

We present our 2 principles  for the implementation of Positive Education in our school, we share details about them, we mention how the approach is systemic and aims to transform our culture, we explain the 8 factors of our Positive Education model and we share a video that shows the link between Positive Education and leadership in our school (leadership is part of our mission). 


Juan Hoyos.png

Juan Hoyos, Deputy Head and teacher of Meditation

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