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Showcase Schools Conference 2020


We made a declaration of principles and values in 2014 in which we reformulated REM's mission and vision: “To train students with academic and educational excellence so that from their strengths they build an altruistic life project, driven by what they are passionate about in order to promote their happiness and that they make a positive change in society” This considers Positive Education as a key element.


We have started with some wellbeing practices for the little ones, with child-to-child massages, mindfulness, and brain gym. Then we realized that we had to train our collaborators and we have studied the area of Positive Psychology and its promotion in education. After that we have developed different types of initiatives with the whole school communities in the 4 schools. 

Red Educacional Magister REM, Chile

An educational network that has 4 schools, 2 of them are private and two are subsidized. Ages 3 to 17. 

Maria been a member of the REM board of directors since 2010. She is an Early Childhood Educator and has a Postgraduate Degree in Emotional Education and Well-being. She started implementing “Alma Emotional Education Programs” in the four schools and from there has been connecting with all levels, from kindergarten children to high school students, managers, teaching and non-teaching collaborators, parents, and grandparents.


>Presentation: A Dream History 2014 -2020, The Journey of Positive Education in Red Educacional Magister, Chile

The video begins by telling about the origins of REM, the city where we are located, the schools that are part of this network, the students, collaborators, and families. Then we cover three difficulties that we find during our journey of implementing positive education in the 4 schools.

Each principal or representative of the schools explains their Positive Education model and some emblematic programs. We briefly refer the metrics that we have validated and applied, then we have explained the impact of this journey within our school’s communities.  Finally, we mention our dreams.



María Eugenia Azócar Tefarikis, Positive Education Director

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