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Showcase Schools Conference 2020


Transylvania College, Romania

Nursery to high school

The school now offers a Romanian Nursery & Kindergarten from 20 months, then a choice between two parallel lines to the high school: the Romanian Primary and Middle School with the Romanian curriculum plus additional English from Grades O to 8, or the International Line with a British curriculum from Reception to year 9. From year 10 Transylvania College  offers    GCSE    and    A    level    courses    and  is  the only Cambridge-accredited school in the area.


Wellbeing has been a core strand in our school since 2017 contributing to the accomplishment of the Vision and Mission.

Our long-term goal is to give community members the tools to live a good life, to thrive and to be healthy adults. The development of the ten core competencies (kindness, collaboration, innovation, compassion, resilience, emotional agility, inquisitiveness, courage, integrity, critical thinking) supports this goal.

Wellbeing is part of everything we do. The school has developed a Wellbeing team of advisors (trained psychologists). Their main role is to observe, give support and feedback to the adults in the lives of children as they are not working directly with students.

We see our culture transforming because we invest time and energy in developing healthy relationships based on trust.

Ruxandra Mercea is the Headteacher at Transylvania College; she is the founder of Wellbeing Institute and mother to three children.


Ciprian Ghisa, Director of Studies

Ciprain Ghisa is a Senior Leader at Transylvania College, has been teaching history for 18 years, a facilitator of the Leader in Me process and co-founder of Wellbeing Institute.


Domnica Petrovai, clinical psychologist, Founder Mind Education Health

Domnica Petrovai is a clinical psychologist and a psychotherapist with more than 20 years of experience in working with companies and schools to support healthy relationships and emotional wellbeing in families and workplaces.

>Presentation: Wellbeing@home and school- the positive effects for all members of a school community.

Adults both at home and at school are hugely influential in the development of children. The value of a school community is maximised through the synergy of empowering everybody to build towards a common goal: developing future healthy adults.

A series of research-backed innovations were put in place for the adults in the school community, with the underpinning belief that when the adults (teachers and parents) are well, the children are well.


Ruxandra Mercea, Executive Headteacher

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