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Showcase Schools Conference 2020

Upper Canada College (UCC), established in 1829, is  located in the heart of Toronto, Canada’s largest city. Wellbeing has been identified as a foundational element of UCC’s recent strategic directions, emerging as one of its nine strategic priorities and one of five core values for the school. The school’s unique approach to wellbeing is firmly rooted in positive psychology and grounded by its multi-dimensional wellbeing framework.


Upper Canada College, Canada

All boys, independent, International Baccalaureate World School

Prior to his appointment as UCC’s 19th Principal in July 2016, Sam held numerous leadership positions at schools in Australia and in Vancouver, Canada. Trained in Positive Psychology, he is strongly convicted about the importance of wellbeing education which, guided by his leadership features prominently in the school’s strategic directions. 


Scott Cowie, Dean of Student Life Wellbeing

Scott has served in many different leadership roles during his 20 plus years at UCC. As a member of the Senior Leadership Team, Scott’s current role as Dean of Student Life and Wellbeing involves oversight of all aspects of co-curricular programming and developing the school’s approach to wellbeing K-12.

>Presentation: Enhancing Student Wellbeing through Strengthening Head, Heart and Humanity

In response to the global youth mental health crisis, Upper Canada College is developing a comprehensive, multi-dimensional approach to fostering student wellbeing in both the proactive and responsive realms. Through strategic thinking, community partnership, research and resource, we strive to support each boys’ individual journey to becoming his best self.

Sam McKinney.jpg

Sam McKinney, Principal

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