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Showcase Schools Conference 2020


Po Leung Kuk, Hong Kong

Kindergarten, Government subsidized school

A three-year project of Positive Education was implemented in 10 kindergartens in Hong Kong under Po Leung Kuk. Using the framework of Institute of Positive Education, trainings for teachers, non-teaching staff and parents had been conducted upon positive education topics. Support was given to teachers to deliver explicit and implicit curriculum.

Elaine Chan Sau Wai.jpg

Elaine Chan Sau Wai, Project Director and Educational Psychologist Supervisor

Elaine Chan Sau Wai is the Supervisor leading a team of Educational Psychologists serving more than 70 local primary and secondary schools.  Since 2018, she has been leading a project to implement Positive Education in our kindergartens.  Recently, she was involved in another project to enhance mental well-being in primary and secondary schools.    

>Presentation: “Winning at the starting point??” -- Positive Education Movement in kindergartens of Hong Kong

We would share our project of implementing Positive Education in 10 kindergartens in Hong Kong using the model of Institute of Positive Education.  Some preliminary results of the longitudinal study, examples of explicit and implicit curriculum and comments from the different stakeholders would be delivered in the videoclip.

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