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Showcase Schools Conference 2020


Simon Langton Grammar School for Boys, UK

11 – 18 year old state school. Boys 11-16, mixed 16-18

Positive education and Wellbeing education are embedded in our Citizenship and PSHE curriculum at this selective boys school. It is taught by specialists who also have a role in the pastoral life of the school. Citizenship and PSHE is well supported by school leaders and plays a major role in embedding character education throughout our learning community

Darren Butler is an experienced educator who has developed a character driven life skills curriculum for the school over a number of years. His focus is on personal development and delivering a range of topics including positive education and mindfulness.


>Presentation: Successfully embedding a positive education programme into an existing character driven curriculum

This presentation outlines my journey in embedding positive education within our existing curriculum. It investigates my collaboration with Gilda Scarfe of Positive Ed as we developed resources and tailored them to our students’ specific needs.


DButler Pic.jpg

Darren Butler, Head of Citizenship Education

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