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Emmie Bidston

Mental Health Educator
Wellbeing & Positive Education Consultant 

Emmie Bidston is an Associate Fellow of the Oxford Character Project and co-author of ‘Leader: know, love and inspire your people’. Emmie studied Economics at the University of Cambridge before working for the UK civil service in a range of areas from education to contingency planning. She is currently head of Economics at Wellington College and Director of the Wellington Leadership and Coaching Institute. She co-founded a charity to help develop young leaders in Africa and runs conferences, coaching and leadership training for adults and young people.

>Masterclass (with co-author Katy Granville-Chapman): Leadership: what’s love got to do with it? 

This Masterclass will explore the impact of love on leadership and flourishing. We begin with the premise that love is crucial to flourishing and that the key role of any leader is to enable others to flourish, particularly in a school, where we are in the privileged position of educating young people. We also argue that since everyone has the capacity to love, anyone can also improve another person’s flourishing; following this argument, we propose that anyone can be a leader. 
We will present you with three key lessons to bring love into your leadership, supported by rigorous research from positive psychology and positive organisational scholarship, along with case studies and stories. We will also ask you to consider how you can apply each of these lessons to your own practice

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