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Hector Escamilla

IPEN Board;  Vice President of Development at Tecnologico de Monterrey University

Hector Escamilla is Vice President of Development at Tecnologico de Monterrey University, a private non-for-profit university system in Mexico.  He served for almost 11 years as President of Tecmilenio University, Mexico, focused on providing the highest return on investment in education that translated into high employment rates and enhanced student wellbeing, happiness and purpose in life.  He led a team that initiated a disruptive innovation process developing a vision that embraces wellbeing for students, faculty and administrators based on the science of Positive Psychology. Martin Seligman recognized Tecmilenio University as the first Positive University in the world.


He has held positions as professor, chairman, dean of extension and President of the Tecnologico de Monterrey University Campus San Luis Potosí. He has a BS in Plant Science from Tecnologico de Monterrey, a M.Sc. from Michigan State University and a PhD from Texas A&M University.   He is member of the Board of the International Positive Education Network (IPEN).

>Facilitating Panel on Wellbeing and Positive Universities with:

  • Lindsay Oades, Director of the Center for Positive Psychology, at University of Melbourne, in Australia

  • Sir Anthony Seldon, Vice Chancellor of the University of Buckingham in the UK

  • Rosalinda Ballesteros, Director of the Wellbeing and Happiness Institute, at Tecmilenio in México


Great thinkers in the world like Richard Davidson among others have expressed that Well-being is a skill, as any other skills it can be learned, developed and measured.

Martin Seligman has mentioned that flourishing lives can be attained by learning, and developing positivity, engagement, positive relations, meaning and purpose in life and celebrating achievements.

Some Universities had taken a variety of approaches providing well-being practices, a sense of purpose and meaning in life, creating a new category of Universities that some experts have recognized as Well-being Universities and leaders like Martin Seligman proposed as Positive Universities.


In this panel experiences from University of Melbourne,  University of Buckingham and Tecmilenio University will share their journey and progress centering their efforts in introducing courses, research and culture around positive education, wellbeing practices and meaning and Purpose in life.

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