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Lucy Hone

Co-Director of the New Zealand Institute of Wellbeing & Resilience

Dr Lucy Hone is a senior adjunct fellow at the University of Canterbury, co-director of the NZ Institute of Wellbeing & Resilience, a published academic researcher, best-selling author and blogger for Psychology Today. Her TED talk, the Three Secrets of Resilient People, has had over 2 million views and the arrival of the COVID pandemic has seen her work picked up by the BBC and Insight Timer.

Having been trained by the thought-leaders in wellbeing science at the University of Pennsylvania, she went on to attain her PhD in public health at AUT University in Auckland. Her dissertation was recognised for its outstanding contribution to wellbeing science at the World Congress of Positive Psychology in 2019. She now assists organisations – from government departments, to leading law firms and schools – to build understanding and capacity in wellbeing and resilience.

Lucy’s research has been published in several peer-reviewed academic journals including the Journal of Positive Psychology, Social Indicators Research, the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, the International Journal of Wellbeing and NZ Journal of Human Resources Management. Her best-selling book Resilient Grieving, which she wrote after the tragic loss of her 12 year old daughter in 2014, is published in NZ, Australia, the US and England, and her latest book, The Educators’ Guide to Whole-school Wellbeing (published globally by Taylor & Francis London 2020) is designed to take wellbeing and resilience promotion to scale.

>Masterclass (with Denise Quinlan): Taking a Whole-School Approach to Wellbeing: Lessons learned from a decade of science and practice. 

While education centres globally understand the need to promote and protect wellbeing, they often find themselves stuck – not knowing where to start, what to prioritise, and how to go about whole-system wellbeing change. Authors of the Educators’ Guide to Whole-school Wellbeing: A practical guide to getting started, best-practice process and effective implementation (Taylor & Francis, 2020), Dr Denise Quinlan and Dr Lucy Hone have worked with hundreds of diverse learning institutions and interviewed leading educators, practitioner and researchers. In this masterclass, they will review lessons learned from a decade of research and practice, sharing key steps for creating and implementing individualised wellbeing plans that fit the culture and context of different learning institutions. Two of the leaders in the world’s positive education field, Denise and Lucy are known for their integration of scientifically informed approaches, evidence-based strategies and practical stories from promoting wellbeing in busy real-life settings. 

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