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Conference 2020


An Educational Organization for Adult Learners in Positive Psychology

Since 2013, thousands of coaches, leaders, educators, and change agents have taken courses at Wholebeing Institute, learning how to live better  personally and professionally through the science of optimal human performance. As a global leader in the field of positive psychology, Wholebeing Institute runs courses based on rigorous research, teaching adult learners how to apply academic science to everyday life for impact that lasts. 

Our students drive positive change—for their organizations and clients, for themselves, and for their communities and families. The focus is not on a test or a grade; it’s on understanding the science, so you can put it to use today, seeing what works in real time to build resilience, happiness, engagement, and satisfaction. 

The Wholebeing approach uses proven adult-learning methods. Through deep study of the relevant science, trying it out to see what works for you, and then practicing daily, you create habits that stick—all within a community that cares.

It’s a powerful way to learn and live, embodying positive psychology in a way that endures as you continue to grow. 


Megan McDonough, Founder & CEO

Megan McDonough is the founder and CEO of Wholebeing Institute, a global educational organization where adults learn—and then live into—the applied science of human flourishing, serving the work forward for the good of all. With a degree in nuclear medicine, decades of leadership experience, in-depth collaboration with thought leaders such as Dr. Tal Ben-Shahar building positive psychology experiences, and 25 years of teaching and practicing yoga, Megan combines intellectual understanding with an embodied approach to teaching and leading. An award-winning writer, she is the author of four books on mindfulness. Her work focuses on helping people and organizations thrive.  


Henrique Bueno

Founder & CEO, Wholebeing Institute Brazil

Henrique Bueno is the CEO and founder of Wholebeing Institute Brazil and the World Happiness Fest Brazil, as well as an international speaker; facilitator of happiness, leadership, and communication programs; and guest professor at several universities. His lectures, workshops, and positive transformation projects are known to more than 80 companies, schools, and public organizations in Brazil and abroad.

>Presentation: Living Into What You Want Others to Learn

It’s tough teaching stress resilience when you’re all stressed out. It’s tough to create positive education if you’re not living into it for your own well-being. Rather than becoming just another curriculum to manage or task to check off, positive education can be a powerful pathway for cultivating and claiming your best self.


In this session, Megan McDonough and Henrique Bueno share a unique perspective on adult learning: We can reap the benefits of practicing the positive education we are trying to instill in others. It's not just “out there” for those we teach, it’s “in here” as we practice. Then the change happens for us, others, and the system we all work within.


You’ll learn about active experimentation, adaptive execution, and the power of community to exponentially increase impact as you live into your positive education vision. 

Wholebeing Institute will be hosting a post conference Community Conversations

Connecting to consolidate learning, share best practices, and gain wisdom from one another. 
In-person events are energizing and exhausting. Energizing because of the interesting conversations. Exhausting because you come home with piles of new ideas along with a crammed schedule from when you were gone. With IPEN’s conference online this year, we get a chance to revamp the experience—taking the best of what works and adding a new twist. That’s why you’re invited to the Community Conversations on November 11, 2020.
Here’s how it works. Enroll and attend the IPEN conference on October 27-29, 2020. 
Participate in the event; learn from the speakers and visit the booths. Take lots of notes, gather all the information in the booths. Take the week after the event to organize and assimilate. What stands out? What are you excited about? If you were to give someone one key learning that you gained, what would it be?
Then, on November 11, bring your notes (along with a cup of tea or coffee) and join a Community Conversation! Facilitated by Wholebeing Institute, this is a chance to chat with others to consolidate learning, share best practices, and gain wisdom from one another. 
Register for the Community Conversation now. 


Reserve your spot on the Tecmilenio University’s conference page.

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