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Elke Paul

Mental Health Educator
Wellbeing & Positive Education Consultant 

Dr. Elke Paul is an international education consultant, trainer and speaker. She holds a PhD in Comparative Education, a university degree (Diplom) in Social Pedagogy, and certification in Positive Psychology. She represents IPEN in Germany and is Head of Positive Education within the German PP Association. Dr. Paul has lived and worked in Europe, USA, Asia and Australia and has gained deep insight into the landscape of school development challenges.

As founder of a Yoga studio, she experienced the mental health needs of young people firsthand. Over the last three years, she implemented Positive Education transformations with schools in Asia and Germany. Committed to human advancement, Dr. Paul is currently
launching a startup with an interdisciplinary team, to realize the Positive Education vision at scale.

>Presentation Topic: Time to scale up Positive Education: greater scope, better access, higher impact

The Positive Education movement offers compelling answers to pressing education and societal questions raised by the unprecedented challenges we face today. The IPEN double helix suggests an equilibrium between character and cognitive education. To realize this
vision requires a broader, cross-disciplinary approach to human advancement:

  • Greater Scope: promote convergence of Positive Education with change agency and the competencies needed in the 21st century to create more powerful tools

  • Better Access: embrace transformational technologies so that more educators and students can profit from Positive Education thinking and materials

  • Higher Impact: position Positive Education front and center as an essential educator competency to harness their power as multipliers and inspiration for next generations

Walking this path together, the Positive Education movement is indispensable to preparing
our youth for tomorrow's challenges!

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