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Showcase Schools Conference 2020


subsidized school pre-primary to grade 8

Since our origins, we have been working to support our children on developing their strengths and they can take a distance from the poverty. We have undertaken cultural, artistic and sport activities. In addition, we have created a bank which promotes savings and the financial education.

In 2012 the team of healthy and positive relationships was launched, which purpose is to promote positive relationships within the members of the school community and develop activities that promotes wellbeing and positive emotions.

Escuela Marqués de Ovando, Chile

Julio Zúñiga Ortega is a state professor with a degree in physical education from the University of Chile. He has worked for 45 years, during this period he has developed innovative projects to benefit the whole school community. Highlighting the projects of financial education and the Healthy and positive relationships Department.


>Presentation: Experiences of our School

We begin by describing the school and its history through the time. Then, we have explained the origin and type of activities that develops the healthy and positive relationships team. Finally, we present a video showing the journey of our work in promoting wellbeing with the school community.



Julio Zúñiga Ortega, Director and Founder

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