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PESA Positive Education Guide

PESA has launched Positive Education Theory and Application: A Guide to Understanding and Implementing Positive Education. This comprehensive Guide offers an invaluable overview of current wellbeing research and theory, as well as practical advice and strategies for implementation of Positive Education in your school. It include chapters on:

  • The Current State of Mental Health

  • An Overview of Positive Psychology

  • COVID-19 and its Impact on Youth

  • “Wellbeing” Definitions and Frameworks

  • Suggestions for Developing Your Own Wellbeing Strategy

  • Advice on How to Take an Appreciative, Strengths-based Approach

  • Suggested Wellbeing Leadership Structures

  • Parent and Carer Engagement

  • Wellbeing Literacy

  • Advancing Wellbeing Through Events

  • Your Staff Wellbeing and Engagement

  • School Policies & Vision and Mission Statement

  • Student Agency

  • Taught, Sought, and Caught Curriculum

  • A Comprehensive List of Positive Education Curricula and Programs

  • Wellbeing Measurement: Objectives and Methods

  • The Intersection Between Positive Education, Curriculum & National Priorities

  • Overview of Interventions, Practices, and Key Concepts

The guide also includes a practical self-assessment checklist, hundreds of hyperlinks to additional resources, as well as updated examples of wellbeing models & approaches from numerous schools & universities.

The Guide is A$49.95.

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