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Anne Johnstone

Global Vice Chair 

Anne is Principal of Ravenswood School for Girls, a leading independent girls’ school in Sydney, Australia. Anne is also Chair, and a founding board member of the Positive Education in Schools Association (PESA).


Anne holds a Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Laws (with Honours) degree, and a Graduate Diploma of Education. In addition, Anne holds a Master of Applied Positive Psychology (MAPP) from the University of Pennsylvania. Her thesis for this degree was completed under the supervision of the founder of Positive Psychology, Professor Martin Seligman, and it was recognised as a distinguished capstone. Anne is currently completing a PhD under the supervision of Professor Lea Waters at the Melbourne Graduate School of Education at the University of Melbourne. The focus of Anne’s doctoral research is on helping young people develop a mindset that promotes wellbeing.


Anne was awarded a Churchill Fellowship in 2004 to explore ways to foster resilience in learning. She conducted this study while based at Cambridge University in England. In 2018, Anne was awarded the Australian Speech and Communication Association Award for Excellence. In 2019, Anne was one of just five educators globally, as well as the only female recipient, of an award recognising her pioneering work and leadership in Positive Education at a global summit held by the University of Pennsylvania and Eisenhower Fellowships in Philadelphia.

Prior to her appointment as Principal of Ravenswood, Anne was Principal of Seymour College in Adelaide. Before this, she was Deputy Headmistress and Head of Senior School at St Catherine’s School in Sydney, Australia’s oldest independent girls’ school. Anne also previously held the position of Head of the Junior School there. In the early years of her teaching Anne was awarded a NSW Teacher’s Guild Award for Excellence.


Before pursuing her passion for teaching, Anne practised as a lawyer for four years, specialising in commercial litigation.


Anne is a highly sought-after speaker and presenter nationally and internationally. She is passionate about helping young people fulfil their potential and flourish in all aspects of their lives.

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