Celebrate April’s Open-minded month

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We have partnered with our friends at OpenMind to bring you April’s Open-Minded  month! Using OpenMind’s new psychology-based platform, we are bringing you a 10-day challenge that helps to broaden your views and open your mind to others’ opinions. The challenge will run from April 9 – 19th. Learn more below about how to get involved!

If you are a professor or teacher, or if you lead a company, nonprofit, or religious community, you can set up OpenMind specifically for your class or group to use! We highly encourage you to do this; OpenMind is intended to be a tool that instructors and leaders can use to depolarise their communities. So far, there are over 90 professors using OpenMind in their college classrooms (across 10 countries around the world). Just go here, click on the setting that best describes you, and follow the instructions.


In recent years, many communities have been experiencing rising political tensions and a decline in trust. As societies are becoming increasingly diverse and polarised, many people are finding it harder to engage with those whose values or perspectives differ from their own.

This poses an enormous challenge: If we’re unable to understand and communicate with one another, how can we possibly overcome our differences and work together to solve our collective problems?

Together, we’re going to change this. OpenMind will guide you through 5 Steps that will equip you with the cognitive tools to engage more constructively across differences. These tools are based on the latest psychological breakthroughs as well as time-tested wisdom. They have been shown to improve success at work and in relationships. They may make you happier, too.

Watch this video from Jonathan Haidt welcoming you to the challenge and explaining why it matters. 


Instructions for using OpenMind

  1. Access the platform here (in any browser, on any device).
  2. Follow the instructions to sign up with a login/password.
  3. When prompted for an access code, enter: IPEN2018

By completing the challenge, you’ll be entered into a raffle with the following possible prizes:

Day 1

Complete Step 1 of the OpenMind platform

Day 2

Practice these life hacks.

  • Seek out viewpoint diversity:

Identify one opinion you have on a topic. Today, find someone who disagrees with you on that topic, and ask them to explain their viewpoint to you. Afterwards, write down one new thing you learned about the topic. Also, write down whether you are now more or less confident in your original view.

Day 3

Complete Step 2 of the OpenMind platform

Day 4

Practice these life hacks.

  • Acknowledge that your abilities are fluid:

Today, use the word “yet” after describing yourself or your goals, at least three times.

  • View each mistake as a learning opportunity:

Today, whenever you make a mistake, take a moment to identify exactly what you can learn from it.

  • Challenge yourself to do things you haven’t already mastered:

Today, seize an opportunity to try something you were too hesitant to try in the past.

Day 5

Complete Step 3 of the OpenMind platform

Day 6

Practice these life hacks.

  • Break through post hoc reasoning:

Think of a past decision you made. Today, think of at least 2 reasons why it was a good decision; then, think of at least 2 reasons why it was a bad decision. Weighing the good and the bad, now determine your opinion on the decision.

  • Avoid confirmation bias:

Identify one opinion you have on a topic. Today, search for one essay or article that cites evidence of why your opinion might be wrong, and read it.

Day 7

Complete Step 4 of the OpenMind platform

Day 8

Practice these life hacks.

  • Analyze your own beliefs:

Today, whenever you hear or read something about politics or morality, pay attention to your own reactions. Did you feel a flash of anger? Did you think someone did something wrong? Try to identify which foundation—which set of moral concerns—was activated in you.

  • Dig deeper on disagreement:

Today, whenever you encounter an opinion with which you disagree, assume for a moment that the person is neither stupid nor evil. Instead, try to identify what moral foundations the person is relying on to make that statement.

Day 9

Complete Step 5 of the OpenMind platform

Day 10

Practice these life hacks.

  • Respect other peoples’ elephants:

Today, try to avoid directly attacking someone’s ideas.

  • Understand other peoples’ elephants:

Today, whenever you disagree with someone, try asking “why do you believe that?” until you understand the root of their opinion.

  • Appeal to others peoples’ elephants:

Today, whenever you disagree with someone, acknowledge the views you have in common. When you present your views, try reframing your positions in a way that will connect with their moral foundations.



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