19 Ideas for Happy Acts on International Day of Happiness

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Stuck for inspiration or actions you can take to celebrate International Day of Happiness? Don’t fret. We’ve got 19 ways for you to celebrate!

  1. Buy someone a coffee
  2. Send flowers to a friend or loved one
  3. Leave a healthy snack at a co-worker’s desk
  4. Call someone you haven’t spoken to in a while to catch up – ask them what has gone well recently
  5. Send a gratitude letter to an old teacher
  6. Send a book on wellbeing to a friend – see our recommendations here
  7. Leave a post-it note with a kind message for a co-worker, family member, or loved one
  8. Make dinner for someone you care about
  9. Smile at someone on your way to work
  10. Compliment someone at the office today
  11. Go for a mindful run or walk in nature
  12. Before you open your emails send one gratitude email to someone you know
  13. Start your day by writing 5 good things about yourself
  14. Do one random act of kindness
  15. Tell someone about the history of International Day of Happiness and why it matters
  16. Instead of watching TV, spend some time getting into flow (i.e. mindful colouring books, cooking, painting, listening or playing music)
  17. Engage one person in an ACR conversation 
  18. Sign up for the WPEA or tell a friend about it 😉 Bonus: Buy a ticket with a friend for the World Positive Education Accelerator on March 20th and get 20% each ticket! Register here!
  19. Post your ideas for how to spread happiness on our website in the learning library or share with us on twitter


We’ll be posting more activities and challenges on social media throughout the day using the hashtags #internationaldayofhappiness and #happyacts so be sure to follow us on Instagram, Facebook and twitter and help spread happiness across the globe.

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